Professional Wedding Photographer in Melbourne with strong focus on fine art documenting best moment for the bride and groom and helping you to cherish your memories
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About Me

Melbourne Photographer
  • Kenny Toh
    Canon 5d Mk III | Canon 16-35mm F2.8L | Canon 85mm F1.2L | Canon 70-200mm F2.8L  

Who am I?

I am not just another ordinary wedding photographer. I studied graphic design where you don't use magic photoshop to create wonderful images. I drew portrait and compose them in the piece of paper out from Faber Castell's pencil. In reality, a graphic designer won't find you a better job back then. For me to stay in the artistic industry, I have to first get a job that paid decent salary. I went for study degree in Engineering and now working full time in a Telco company, but I have not gave up with art. 

Passion alone isn't enough to ensure financial security. Now that I've success with job security and a father of two kids, I believe it is time for me to chase my passion and today I've taken my courage to do what I like. 

I was introduced to photography at a young age, where I originally got myself a Canon SLR with 50mm lens. I used to take my camera everywhere to capture photos of real people and present moments of people lives, to find the essence and balance through an image. I like making art and I want to see the beauty I see in your wedding and I must create the extraordinary image and capturing moment for your special day. 


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Focus and Goal

Making you look the best on your Wedding Day, capture every heartfelf look, everlasting embrace and tantalising kiss. Taking pride in producing images that are full of emotion, and taken from a unique perspective.

Photography Style

Always strike to create unique style images different from other photographers. My wedding photography style dwell upon comtemporary, artistic, colorful and innovative. Sometimes can be warm, vintage, punchy, soft and high contrast images to create various style of feel. 

Experience and Confidence

I am also a perfectionist, and it’s my guarantee that not only will you have a stress-free photography experience, but you’ll receive honest images that are a true reflection of your love